Asian longhorned beetle new york

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The tree-devouring Asian longhorned beetle has not yet been driven from the gates of the city, but, by Jove, pest-control authorities have it on the run. The state announced on Tuesday that the beetle had been eradicated from Manhattan and Staten Island. The news comes only weeks after New Jersey declared victory in its war on the beetle, which destroys maple, ash, birch, elm, horse chestnut, willow and other hardwoods.

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However, bringing firewood from outside the Lake George area is a key way it might arrive. The invasive Asian Longhorned Beetle feeds on and kills several species of hardwoods, including ash, maple, birch, elm, and willow trees. If ALB becomes established in the forests of the Northeast, it could become one of the most economically and ecologically costly invasive species ever introduced to the United States.

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The destructive Asian longhorned beetle was first discovered in New York in These six-legged insects are named for their long, jointed antennae with white bands. Adults are most active between midsummer and fall. Larvae tunnel into trees, cutting off the movement of water and nutrients, usually killing the tree.

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Teams of agriculture inspectors wearing yellow hard hats can been seen measuring trees and peering through binoculars at leafy canopies on the streets and in the yards of Brooklyn this week as part of the ongoing battle against a devastating pest called Asian Longhorned Beetle. USDA says the beetles can lay up to 60 eggs at a time. The destructive beetle was first discovered in Greenpoint in after it entered the country from China, likely hiding in wood packing materials.

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The Asian longhorned beetle Anoplophora glabripennis is a wood-boring beetle believed to have been introduced into the U. Asian longhorned beetle ALB larvae bore through wood of a wide variety of hardwood species, most notibly maples, elm, horsechestnut, willow, sycamore and birch. ALB boring phsycially weakens the trees and disrupts sap flow.

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State, city and federal agencies announced on Thursday that the Asian longhorned beetle has finally been eradicated in Brooklyn and Queens, the last two holdouts in the city. At a celebration in McCarren Park in Williamsburg, cupcakes decorated with pictures of the distinctive black insect were served to jubilant parkgoers and agriculture and horticulture experts. Half of the hardwood trees in New York State are susceptible.

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Invasive Species. Technical Resources. After the discovery in of the Asian Longhorned Beetle ALB on several hardwood trees in Brooklyn, New York, the Secretary of Agriculture declared an extraordinary emergency in order to combat the infestation with regulatory and control actions.

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The Asian long-horned beetle Anoplophora glabripennisalso known as the starry skysky beetleor ALBis native to eastern Chinaand Korea. This species has now been accidentally introduced into the United Stateswhere it was first discovered inas well as Canadaand several countries in Europeincluding AustriaFranceGermanyItaly and UK. This beetle is believed to have been spread from Asia in solid wood packaging material.

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Asian longhorned beetleAnoplophora glabripennisalso spelled Asian long-horned beetle, also called starry sky beetlespecies of beetle order Coleopterafamily Cerambycidaeoriginally native to eastern China and Korea, that became a serious pest of hardwood trees in North America and parts of Eurasia. The glossy black adults are large, 17—40 mm 0. The long antennae each have 11 segments and are 1. The base of each segment is pale blue-white, grading distally away from the centre of the body to black.


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