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Back inJoseph Gay-Lussac read a story in the newspaper about a guy who threw a can of spray paint into a campfire. Editor's note: Only the year in the preceding statement is true. The unfortunate camper had apparently told his friends that he "wanted to see what would happen" immediately before the accident that claimed his life.

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We call kelvin temperatures absolute temperatures. At zero kelvin, all particles stop moving; this is absolute zero. To find out the temperature in kelvins, we need to add to the celsius value.

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Propane tanks are widely used with barbeque grills. But it's not fun to find out half-way through your grilling that you've run out of gas. You can buy gauges that measure the pressure inside the tank to see how much is left.

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Gas molecules keep their distance from each other and are in constant motion. They continue to move in one direction until they come into contact with an object. Gas expands when placed in a closed container.

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During the seventeenth and especially eighteenth centuries, driven both by a desire to understand nature and a quest to make balloons in which they could fly Figure 1a number of scientists established the relationships between the macroscopic physical properties of gases, that is, pressure, volume, temperature, and amount of gas. Eventually, these individual laws were combined into a single equation—the ideal gas law —that relates gas quantities for gases and is quite accurate for low pressures and moderate temperatures. We will consider the key developments in individual relationships for pedagogical reasons not quite in historical orderthen put them together in the ideal gas law.

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Gases respond more dramatically to temperature and pressure than do the other three basic types of matter liquids, solids and plasma. For gases, temperature and pressure are closely related to volume, and this allows us to predict their behavior under certain conditions. These predictions can explain mundane occurrences, such as the fact that an open can of soda will soon lose its fizz, but they also apply to more dramatic, life-and-death situations.

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Boyles Law is the relationship between Pressure and Volume but does not address temperature. How does temperature effect a sample of gas? First, lets remember what temperature actually is.

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